Sometimes you just stop and think, there must be a better way.  When looking for qualified subcontractors, you have probably thought this too.  Been there, done that. I know first-hand how hard it is to find highly skilled labor.  Here is what sets us apart.

We start by partnering all the way through.  Turn-key for us often means making pre-install site visits, attending construction conference calls, providing supplemental project management and meeting with and coordinating on-site trades.  We are often hard at work long before our team shows up to perform the physical install.  For many subcontractors, the physical install is the end of the job.  Not for our team.  We’ll begin testing, updating firmware configuring DSP’s and loading preliminary code.  We work with your client’s IT group to get devices such as codecs and Voip lines configured and registered on their networks.  We are fully set up for mobile work via remote desktop with your programming team.

It is with an engineer’s mindset that I built my team to meet the growing need for higher skill sets in the subcontract labor market.  With the increasing technical complexities of implementing AV solutions, we train constantly to meet the demands they bring.

AV Labor Corp is fully insured and has labor resources covering the New England region. In addition to having highly experienced AV installation engineers and technicians, our vans are fully stocked with an extensive inventory of installation tools and supplies.

I appreciate this opportunity to introduce our company and services to you and express our eagerness to discuss your needs.


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