Never let them see you sweat.

There are always challenges.  In the high end corporate world it often gets amplified ten fold.

Recently we finished up a large scale, turn key project that started with a call from a project manager asking if I could act as his eyes on the ground because he was based out of state.  It seems the general contractor was never informed of any of the AV requirements by the client and things were going to start moving fast.

After meeting with the client and GC, we move into overdrive, starting with a full review of all the design documents, scope and bill of materials.  This is one of those jobs where tight coordination with all trades will be key and any delays will spell disaster.  This project is scheduled for completion in phases where sections are moved out on Friday and moved back in for Monday.  In a short span of time, furniture is moved out, carpets pulled up, walls opened, floors cored and then all put back together in a couple of days. Except for a couple of large conference rooms, we have very limited access during the week and are under strict noise constraints.

Phase one goes reasonably smoothly right up until we are ready to start hanging displays.  Electrician comes in for final install of wall plates and leaves a greasy hand print on the fabric wall covering.  The fabric is light and has no stain treatment.  Immediately I send one of my guys down to the van for surface protection wrap along with some cleaning supplies.  I keep a spray bottle of Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Upholstery cleaner along with micro-fiber towels and general cleaning supplies. AV is the last one in the room and often the first one to interact with the client upon completion.  A big hand print below the display would be a day wrecker for this project.

After talking with the GC and getting everyone on board with keeping hands immaculately clean, we take care of the stained fabric without having to replace the entire wall panel.  Everyone is relieved and we move on to the other rooms with measures in place to avoid a repeat.

Monday morning arrives and phase one is complete.  A trio of conference rooms along with a wing of offices have been completely updated with paint, wall fabric, carpet and AV.